About Us

United States Board Certified Cosmetologist & Medical Aesthetician Roopa Ambekar is a two-time national award winner, and a published artist. With over 23 years of experience in keyleadership positions within the top American beauty brands, she has been a beauty educationalist, industry columnist, and is the Ex-Dean of the Paul Mitchell Institute in USA. Roopa Ambekar has been a well-established beauty academician in the United States of America. A casual salon visit when she travelled to India six years ago, was what gave her an insight into the disorganised beauty industry, as well as the outdated beauty education system. Instead of ignoring what she saw and getting back to the greener pastures, she gave up her job as the Dean of one of the most prestigious beauty schools in USA, and moved to India – with the vision to groom our beauty industry with her expertise and knowledge. She established the award-winning Uber Salon, Spa, and Skin Clinic in Bangalore as she settled in India with her family.